A GREENOCK woman who woke her neighbours with a booze-fuelled solo rant in a common close was so loud that the residents thought she was fighting someone.

Debbie McEwan, 37, persistently shouted and banged on her own front door.

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how she continued bawling incoherently for around 20 minutes before police were called.

Prosecutor Pamela Brady told the court: "The neighbours thought there could be a fight ongoing but it was only the accused who was there.

"Both recognised the voice of the accused as their neighbour Debbie McEwan.

"She appeared to be under the influence of alcohol and her words were slurred.

"She proceeded to bang on her front door repeatedly.

"The accused entered the flat and the disturbance continued."

Fiscal depute Mrs Brady said police knocked on the accused's door and indicated who they were.

She added: "The accused was heard to kick the door and swore in telling the police to go away.

"She then opened the door and again swore in asking them what they wanted.

"She allowed the officers entry but continued to shout and swear at them.

"The accused was arrested, cautioned and charged and replied, 'No comment'."

McEwan, now of Gael Street, pleaded guilty to behaving in a 'threatening or abusive manner like to cause a reasonable person to suffer fear or alarm by shouting, swearing, repeatedly banging a door and causing a disturbance'.

She had also been charged with possession of cannabis but her not guilty plea to this was accepted.

Sheriff Michael Higgins has deferred sentence until August 26, so that a background report can be compiled by social workers.