A MAN has appeared in court accused of chasing two people through Greenock Cemetery and striking each of them with a knife.

Michael Drummond is charged with carrying out the assaults against another man and a woman.

The 39-year-old is now locked up and has been fully committed for trial following his appearance at the town's sheriff court.

Prosecutors say Drummond pursued both alleged victims 'at grounds comprising Greenock Cemetery' and struck them on their bodies with a knife to their injury.

The alleged attacks are said to have taken place on July 28.

Drummond, of Holmscroft Street, is also accused of earlier conducting himself in a disorderly manner, shouting, swearing, brandishing knives and threatening the alleged victims with violence.

This alleged offence is said to have taken place at Holmscroft Street.

The Crown says that he placed the man and woman in a state of fear and alarm.

Drummond is facing a total of four charges, including unlawful possession of an offensive weapon at the cemetery and elsewhere.

The Telegraph told previously how police had arrested a man following reports of a disturbance involving three people at the cemetery shortly after 8pm on July 28.

Patrolling community wardens witnessed that incident and reported it to the police, who said that a knife had been recovered following investigation.

Drummond appeared in court from custody for a private calling of the case against him.

He made no plea through defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher and was remanded.

A date for his next appearance is to be confirmed.