RESIDENTS fear wildlife may be in danger from toxic algae polluting popular beauty spot Murdieston Dam.

The blue/green plant has made a comeback in the water after a spell of warm weather.

One local tried to rescue a baby seagull who was stuck in it and she wants to warn others of the danger.

Inverclyde Council told the Tele they send regular samples to the environment agency and have advised that all contact with the water should be avoided.

Greenock woman Carol Roxburgh said: "I think it would be good to highlight the dangers, not just to dogs but people as well.

"There was a poor wee baby seagull stuck in it.

"I pushed it into clearer water with a long stick, but having read about the effects of the algae on birds, I fear that it is too late for the wee soul.

Inverclyde Council say they were aware of the issue.

A spokesman said: "The relevant team are aware of this.

"It is something that occurs naturally from time to time, particularly during spells of warm weather.

"It will also disappear naturally and is usually gone by the autumn.

"During normal times, regular water samples are taken and sent to SEPA for analysis.

"It’s not surprising that we’ve seen the blue-green algae return following the recent spell of nice weather.

"The team are keeping an eye on it and will make sure the warning signs are up-to-date.

"People and animals should avoid contact with the water."