A STALKER who travelled from Edinburgh to Greenock to take secret photos of a woman he'd become obsessed with has been locked up on fresh allegations of further tormenting her.

George Combe was due to be sentenced at the sheriff court after previously pleading guilty to pursuing and intimidating his frightened victim in the run-up to last Christmas.

But the matter has now been continued until later this month, after it emerged that he is facing a new stalking charge.

Defence lawyer Edel McGinty confirmed: "He has an outstanding case of an analogous nature involving the same complainer."

The Telegraph told in July how Combe, 55, checked in to the Premier Inn on James Watt Way for days at a time in order to trail the woman.

He carried out a nine-day campaign of surveillance and harassment between December 5 and 13 last year.

Combe pleaded guilty on indictment to engaging in a course of conduct which caused the woman fear and alarm.

He repeatedly sent the woman threatening and abusive text messages and repeatedly took pictures of her without her knowing and then sent them to her.

He also loitered near her West End home and her place of work on numerous occasions.

Voice messages he sent to the woman were also of a threatening or abusive nature.

Combe stayed at the Premier Inn for five days 'to facilitate this course of conduct'.

Prosecutors are seeking a maximum five-year non-harassment order against him.

The new charge against Combe alleges that he continued to contact the woman by writing letters to her following his arrest.

Solicitor Miss McGinty asked for a further deferral of sentence, adding: "This would allow us to see if the other matter is capable of being resolved."

Combe is currently remanded in custody in relation to the fresh matter.

Sheriff Joseph Hughes further deferred sentence until September 30.