A GROUP of five tenacious individuals have taken a huge step forward in their careers thanks to an Inverclyde support project.

The Kidron job club scheme helps people build up the confidence needed to get people back into employment.

For 10 weeks from June until the middle of August, Gaynor Lochead, Robert McKenzie, Alex Hurrell, Sheila McCall and Victor Johnson went through a series of coaching sessions with the Kidron team.

Alex, Sheila and Robert now have new jobs, Gaynor is back at work after a period of illness, and Victor has secured a work visa for the Netherlands and is following his dream of working there.

Greenock Kidron job club manager Colin Campbell says getting a job and moving forward in a career during these very difficult times should be applauded.

Colin told the Tele: "Being successful in securing employment over the last few months is a fantastic achievement.

"We had a really good rapport in our group.

"It gave people really something positive to work towards in these very difficult times.

"We look at the whole person when it comes to looking for jobs, it's not just about ticking boxes.

"We find out about them as a person and provide them with emotional and practical support.

"Job club is really effective in terms of equipping people with the confidence they need to take the next step and we see fantastic improvements in mental and physical health and wellbeing."

Each of the five job club attendees took part in regular Zoom sessions with coaches Colin and Angela McNeal while Marion Morrison also provided the participants with life coaching sessions.

Money from the Inverclyde Community Fund was used to set up Zoom accounts, and the project was also supported by the Corra Foundation and the Scottish Government's community wellbeing fund.

The Kidron job club project runs with help from Christians Against Poverty.

Graduate Robert, from Greenock, got involved with the club for the third time in June.

Robert, 44, had been working for a company for 10 years, became self-employed as a content writer, and contacted Colin when he decided he wanted to get back into the external job market again.

He has now secured a job working part-time in a care home which allows him to continue with his writing.

Robert said: "I wanted to know how to get back into the job market in the digital age.

"The team advised me, gave me support and reinvigorated me.

"I feel much more confident in interviews now and I can express myself more effectively.

"I would like to thank Colin and the team for all their help.

"I was jaded and pessimistic but now I'm an optimist and know that the world is my oyster."

Gaynor volunteered with the job club as a money coach and when she was ready to return to work after 16 months off due to illness, she joined up to get prepared.

Gaynor, 46, said: "It was an amazing experience.

"Instead of looking at obstacles and challenges, we focused on strengths and skills.

"It completely switched my mindset.

"This is brilliant project for Inverclyde and I'm excited to be part of it."

A new job club will be starting on Monday and you can find out more by sending an email to hello@kidronproject.org or calling 07810641179.