DANCERS are jumping with joy after returning to classes at a popular Greenock school.

Almost all pupils have flocked back to Lauren Hair Dance Company to get back in step.

Lauren says she is delighted to see her students in person again after six long months of sessions online.

She told the Telegraph: "It's lovely to see them - they've all grown up into mini adults!

"They've had their first day in primary school or high school and usually I would see them the night before these big events and also be one of the first people to see them afterwards.

"It's been nice to catch up with them and hear what they've been doing."

Lauren admits the return has been a bit strange with all of the changes prompted by Covid-19.

She said: "One group comes in, leaves then another group comes in. "There's usually more of a bustle.

"I was a bit apprehensive at first, worried they may have lost their love for dance after six months on a screen.

"But they have been bouncing from the ceiling, they all missed coming to classes."

Lauren says it was a bit daunting to 'get her head around' all the public health guidelines.

She told the Tele: "The guidelines are different in England and Ireland, so we couldn't look to dance schools there who had already opened for help.

"We had to do our best to get it right.

"We are lucky we have a huge studio which makes it easy for the dancers to spread out.

"We've got a good system going and everyone is happy."

Lauren offers a range of dance tuition and her dancers range from two to 20-years-old.

She said: "We have ballet, jazz, lyrical, commercial and freestyle, so the kids can do anything they want."

Lauren praised pupils and their parents for their support and for sticking with the Zoom sessions during the lengthy lockdown.

She said: "We have been running them since the first week of lockdown, 168 days.

"I want to thank all the dancers and their parents who have supported us throughout.

"I know of some dance teachers who had to close their schools, the numbers have just dried up and they didn't have the facilities to stay open.

"We are very lucky to be able to re-open."