SUCCESSFUL artist Alec Galloway has used lockdown as inspiration for his forthcoming exhibition.

Alec, an acclaimed stained glass artist and painter, is displaying his latest work in the McGilp's pop-up shop in Kempock Street on Gourock.

The collection is entitled 'The Complaints Department is Closed'.

Alec said: "It's new work created through the lockdown period, paintings and stained glass.

"The title is a bit tongue in cheek.

"When lockdown started I kept asking all these questions.

"How am I going to do that? How am I going to do this?

"Then I just thought to myself it is pointless in complaining, there is no point moaning.

"I got into this mindset, just get on with it and work with what you have.

"Once I accepted that was going to be the situation I just carried on.

"I still had all my glass contracts, so I quite enjoyed it."

Alec looked to local history, cuttings from the old Gourock Times and past CalMac timetables.

He says he had been planning to work with this material for a few years.

Alec said: "It was the perfect opportunity to bring out all these things."

The exhibition will run from September 21-30 and open between 10am and 4pm each day.

There will also be a public viewing on Friday September 25 at 7pm where people can come along and chat to Alec about the display over a glass of wine.