IT was eyes down again at the Broomhill Community Hub as bingo regulars returned after a six month gap.

Fifteen keen bingo players returned to their usual Monday slot at the Mearns Street centre - for a long-awaited afternoon of full houses and chewing the fat.

Due to new government restrictions the Hub are limited on how many people can attend for now.

However those who were there - including organisers Jenny Speck and Isobel McCarney - were delighted to be back.

Isobel, of Dempster Street, told the Tele: "It was a long six months of not seeing anyone.

"So many of us were shielding and found it so difficult.

"I didn't cross the door in 16 weeks.

"I actually started to feel like the walls were closing in on me.

"It was brilliant to be back seeing everyone, especially after we've been cooped up so long.

"There were people who were unable to come along which is a shame.

"We had to go through the list of attendees and whittle it down and give those who have been coming longest the priority - there's sometimes double what we currently have attending."

The group have faced all the new pandemic challenges head on - including having to sit apart to adhere to social distancing measures, wearing masks when entering the building and using hand sanitiser.

Isobel, 68, and friend Jenny, who is 75, have changed how they sell bingo books to ensure that everyone can stay in their seat and they can be distributed quickly and safely.

Isobel continued: "Jenny and I met once a week at the Hub for lunch just before we started back up again, to make sure everything was in order and all ready to go for us restarting.

"The members are all brilliant and have been really good at adapting to the changes.

"Some of the members are in their 80s, so they're all really pleased at being back and in the routine."