A CAMPAIGN has been launched to honour volunteers, community groups and third sector organisations for their efforts during the Covid-19 pandemic.

'Thank You Inverclyde' has been devised by CVS Inverclyde (CVSI) following the grassroots community relief efforts of those in the thriving third-sector over the last six months.

Bosses at CVSI say they feel there is a need to thank groups and individuals collectively for their work in keeping the community going.

They have collated stories from those who delivered critical services and supported the local response.

Charlene Elliott, chief executive of CVSI, said: "Having helped to support, co-ordinate and deliver so many critical services during the pandemic, CVSI felt it was essential to take the time to thank and recognise all of the third sector organisations, their partners and volunteers.

"This fantastic initiative has enabled a broad spectrum of the many community-focused groups across Inverclyde to celebrate the heroic volunteers at a time it was most needed.

"The strength of the third sector network in Inverclyde has never been clearer to see than during Covid-19."

The area's MP, Ronnie Cowan is backing the drive to salute the unsung heroes who played such a pivotal role during the peak of the pandemic.

He said: "Many people will have volunteered for years and many more will have come to volunteering during the Covid-19 crisis.

"It is a selfless act which can be extremely gratifying and is a constructive contribution to supporting our wider community.

"Inverclyde has benefited greatly from the time, effort and commitment of many volunteers and has been enriched by their contribution.

"A sincere thank-you goes to them all."

As well as praising volunteers, CVSI are hoping many will continue their services to the community as part of the charity's 'Volunteer Inverclyde' initiative.

Inverclyde's Provost, Martin Brennan, has welcomed the idea to recognise those who have given up their time to help others.

He told the Tele: "The Inverclyde community response to Covid-19 has been awe-inspiring.

"In every village and every town, volunteers have stepped up to the plate.

"Where anyone was in need, volunteers along with both public and private sectors stepped forward to meet that need.

"What they have done for Inverclyde is exceptional."