A PARK attraction that holds a special place in local people's hearts is back in business and is busier than ever.

Pets Corner in Gourock Park recently re-opened after being closed during lockdown.

Regular visitors have been flocking back to see the animals, including George the tortoise, Pixie the Donkey, Jester the pony, pigs Charlie and Lola, plus rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and an array of birds.

Childminder Christine Baynes says she often brings the kids she looks after along to the park.

Christine told the Telegraph: "It such a great place for learning because we can speak with the kids about the animals, where they sleep, what food they like and what kind of animal they would like as a pet.

"It's a safe environment being within the walled garden.

"There's the swings as well and toilet facilities.

"We also teach the children colours using the animals and flowers in the park."

Christine says the park is an ideal place for children to play and learn, especially at the moment when they are being encouraged to stay outdoors if possible.

She said: "The gardens are very well kept, it is very clean and you can see the animals are all cared for."

Her daughter Donna, 32, whose wee boy Logan, 10, has a disability, is pleased the council park has as a specially-adapted swing he can use.

She said: "I come here a lot with my mum and I think it's great there is a facility here for Logan."

Heather Morris, who is in her 26th year at the park as animal keeper, said it has been wonderful to welcome the public back.

She said: "We have a lot of regulars coming back.

"It's great to see them back and we would like to thank them for their support throughout everything that has happened in the park.

"It's been very busy and we are back to normal with all the childminders and nurseries visiting."

Heather says the current star attractions are Pixie, Jester and Charlie and Lola.

She added: "The donkey has really missed the kids and is so happy to see them back."

Norman and Nan Wilson are also regulars with their two-year-old grandson Charlie Gillan.

Norman told the Tele: "It's quite safe and sheltered and there's lots of animals.

"It's perfect for a wee boy Charlie's age.

"He loved seeing the pigs the best."

*Pets Corner in Gourock Park is open between 9am and 4.30pm during the week.


- Pictured are Heather and seasonal gardener Nathan Bench.

- Group pic includes Christine Baynes, left, and Lorna Jamieson, both childminders.

- The Wilsons with grandson Charlie.