GARDENERS have sown the seeds of a new project which will give people a peaceful place to take a breather.

Volunteers at Blooming Inverkip have set the wheels in motion to create a garden of contemplation in the grounds of the Community Hub.

Bob Russell said the idea of the garden came up around a year ago - and he believes that its introduction is now all the more important due to the coronavuris pandemic.

He said: "We thought it would be nice to create a space for people to sit and reflect, a sanctuary for people to seek solace in the peace and quiet.

"The last few months have been very difficult for everyone.

"A lot of people across Inverclyde have lost loved ones through the coronavirus crisis.

"This wee quiet area will allow people to sit and read and book and take some time out."

Bob and the team of volunteers at Blooming Inverkip received a donation of paving stones which now form the base of the area.

Planters made from wooden pallets, donated by the team at Inverclyde Shed, will feature in the space, and there are also plans for an archway.

Bob and the team also plan to include white flowers and other blooms which have a pleasant fragrance.

Funding for the area has come through Inverkip Community Enterprises.

Blooming Inverkip was founded almost two years ago and has already bagged a silver award from the Royal Horticultural Society for its work in transforming the garden area at the hub.

Its work relies on donations and funding distributed via Inverkip Community Hub.

Bob and the team recently received a donation of gardening tools and equipment through HMP Edinburgh.

The group of around eight volunteers recently held a day of harvesting with help from members of the community and similar events are being planned for the future.

They're always keen to more people to join in and help out with various activities.

Bob said: "This isn't our garden - it's everyone's garden.

"I don't know what we would have done without the garden over the last six months.

"Being surrounded by nature and vivid colours has helped a lot of us.

"It's been a godsend."


FLOWER POWER Pictured are Archie and Innes Carmichael, Bob Russell and Maureen Campbell.