GROUNDS team staff from River Clyde Homes' maintenance division accused bosses of failing to protect employees and members of the public after a worker tested positive for Covid-19.

The workers at Home Fix Scotland insist all of them should have been sent home to self-isolate as they had been in close contact with their colleague beforehand.

Despite this all of them have been asked to carry on their duties.

A source said: "The staff involved mingle with the public all the time.

"They are not happy, they expected better from their work management.

"Management have not handled it properly.

"It is very worrying, everyone at Home Fix Scotland has been talking about it."

Some of the staff have been tested and are waiting for results but working in the meantime.

It is understood union officials have been called in by the staff concerned.

Bosses confirmed a worker has tested positive for coronavirus but say the firm is operating fully within the guidelines.

Mark Robson, managing director of Home Fix Scotland, said: “We are aware that an employee has tested positive for Covid-19 and we are supporting this person during this period.

“Our approach to responding to such situations is within the issued guidelines.

"All staff, including those throughout the wider RCH group, have been provided with information which is provided by the Scottish Government and NHS Scotland which clearly sets out arrangements for potential close contact and when isolation and testing is required.

“We believe that we are fully compliant with all requirements.

"However, we can only control the conditions for our staff whilst in the workplace.

"We are aware that several colleagues interacted with the individual concerned in a non-workplace environment where our workplace controls are not in place.”

Meanwhile other staff have complained about changing facilities which they claim do not adhere to social distancing rules and have also highlighted problems with toilet facilities.

It is alleged a worker was told to go to the toilet outside or to use facilities within sheltered housing complexes.

It is also alleged he was sworn at by a manager but Mr Robinson has disputed these claims.

He said: “Our management team is required to be professional and I am confident that during all conversations regarding the current situation, information provided to our staff has been correct and relayed in a respectful manner.

“In relation to welfare facilities, no one has been instructed that they cannot use the facilities at our office.

"There are protocols in place including hand sanitisers, signing in to buildings, single occupancy in our toilet facilities and a one way system.

"Our staff are also able to use welfare facilities at certain sites across Inverclyde belonging to our parent company.

“The grounds team has a designated drying area, where they are able to remove wet water proofing clothing and work boots to ensure they are dry for the following morning.

"The protocol for using this facility is that limited members of the team use it at any one time and once they are finished the next batch of staff may enter.

"It should be noted that this process was in place well in advance of Covid-19 and staff have staggered their entry to the drying area accordingly during the current situation.”