AN inspirational head teacher who has shed almost NINE stone hopes his new healthy lifestyle will set an example for his pupils.

Fraser Speirs took over as head of Cedars School of Excellence in 2018 and piled on the pounds through turning to comfort food as a distraction from stresses of the job.

This time last year the 42-year-old had ballooned to almost 23 stone.

He decided to turn his life around in a bid to encourage young men at the school at Ardgowan Square to look after their health.

Fraser has now found a whole new lease of life by becoming a keen walker and has hailed a Port Glasgow weight loss consultant for her help in his transformation.

Fraser told the Tele: "This time last year I was photographed at our head boy and head girl elections and I couldn't believe what I looked like.

"I felt hypocritical, as I would be talking to young people about taking care of themselves and encouraging young men to take responsibility for their health, yet I wasn't doing that.

"I wanted to show that you do not need to be a victim of your circumstances.

"Now I feel like I can give a credible message as I'm proof that when you start looking after yourself you can really change your life."

Fraser says he reached out to Judy Henderson, a 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weight Plan consultant, after many failed previous attempts at losing weight.

Before he would vow to change his habits only to slip back into old ways.

Ths time 50-year-old Judy ensured that he kept on track.

Judy, whose consultancy centre is based at Crawford Street in the Port, said: "Fraser has been the dream client, he listens and has taken everything seriously.

"He even has made graphs and a spreadsheet to allow him to track his losses.

"I always encourage my clients to exercise but Fraser took that to the next level and was out doing lengthy walks regardless of the weather.

"In my years doing this job Fraser has the best transformation I've ever seen."

As well as following the diet plan, the dad of 16-year-old April, 13-year-old Beth and Georgia, who is seven, found a new love for walking.

He now plans to get the girls and his wife Carolyn on board to complete 'Scotland's Great Trails' and the John Muir Way next summer.

The barely recognisable teacher, who lives in Greenock, says that 'consistency is key' to losing weight.

He said: "Take your journey bit by bit and don't stop.

"The diet plan itself was easy - it's trying to convince people who know me that I'm actually me!

"When she saw me my barber of many years didn't believe it was really me.

"When I look at old photographs now I don't even recognise myself.

"I haven't only had the benefit of losing the weight, but all the amazing things that have come with that."