For many, this time of year brings us to thought of gourds, warm soups and things that go bump in the night but this spooky time has met its match in the pandemic that is wreaking havoc with planned public gatherings.

That said, Inverclyde is not to be daunted and plans are afoot for Halloween shananigans to go ahead, albeit in a new, slimmed down form.

The much anticipated Galoshans Festival has utilised on-line and outdoor activities including pop-up theatre, outdoor art and museum activities and children are still finding ways to exhibit their artistic, costume making skills. Here just five of the many Halloween pictures that have appeared in the Tele over the years.

Pic1: Karen Orr of Rig Arts popped by to check up on this scary trio who were hiding out in the spooky rooms of the Tobacco Warehouse in Greenock. The three were in lurking in the shadows before their Galoshans debut appearance on the streets of Inverclyde. The skilfully built paper mache puppets made quite sight as they drifted through Greenock during the Galoshans festival of 2018


This group of St Ninian's Primary School pupils worked hard to dream up and make some lovely costumes for their Halloween parade held in the school hall in 2014.

The event provided a host of great picture opportunities, making a lovely Telegraph picture spread for Halloween.


Local businesses got in on the act too, by staging theme days and fancy-dress activities that brought cheer to customers. Staff of Harbour Barbers in Greenock's Cathcart Street went to town with some dazzling outfits and were a cut above when it came Halloween capers in the year 2000.


Back to school again for this shot taken in 2013 at Ardgowan Primary School.

Flanked by a fine collection of Disney characters and scary monsters, this Minnie Mouse duo helped brighten the day for Telegraph readers and was part of a happy picture spread featuring Halloween antics of kids in Inverclyde schools.


What better way to conclude our excursion into all things spooky than with a good ghost story. Laura Jane Greer of Greenock Arts Guild invited Tele reporter Lorraine Tinney and I into the theatre to view a quiet, dimly lit balcony where it is said a phantom woman sits before standing and moving into the shadows. It cannot be denied that, as Halloween approached, there was an eerie atmosphere as we talked in the deserted auditorium!