AN east end tenant says guttering at the front of his tenement block hasn't been cleared in over a year.

Brian McSorley, who lives in John Wilson Street, says moss is growing in the gutter and making his flat damp.

He feels landlords River Clyde Homes have used lockdown as an 'excuse' not to do anything about it.

Brian said: "I'm so fed up with it.

"It's going to cause dampness in my bedroom.

"All the moss blows in my window and all over the stairs in front of the close."

He also raised issues about a drainpipe at the back of the block which is insecure.

Brian said: "It's a safety hazard, the top of it could fall off and hit someone."

The tenant said he contacted Stuart McMillan MSP about his problems last October after he had appealed in the Telegraph to hear from people who were having issues with repairs.

Mr McSorley contacted the MSP's office and they got back to him saying that RCH would deal with the issue as soon as possible.

He said: "I spoke to River Clyde Homes in March and they spoke about using cherry pickers or scaffolding.

"I called them again in June and they said they were looking into it.

"I phoned them again a few weeks ago and they said they weren't going to use a cherry picker of scaffolding, and the person I spoke to didn't even know where the problem was.

"We are all paying every week for communal maintenance and yet nothing is getting done.

"They are using lockdown as an excuse for not doing anything.

"I want it sorted."

River Clyde Homes today apologised for the lengthy hold-up and said they would address the matter.

A spokesperson for the housing association said: “We can only apologise for the delay in clearing guttering, largely due to restrictions on our work imposed earlier this year, which have created a backlog.

"We would hope to have a schedule in place soon and begin to clear the outstanding works.

"We will be in touch with Mr McSorley when we are able to carry out the works.”