A GOUROCK landlord has been ordered to fork out £1,500 to a former tenant after failing to protect her rental deposit - with the money being kept in a TIN.

Mark Bradley pleaded ignorance to a law that has been in existence since 2012 requiring landlords to place deposits in an approved protection scheme within 30 working days.

The tenant handed over £600 in 2014 but the money remained in a tin at Mr Bradley's mother's home until last month when some of it was needed for removal costs at the end of the tenancy.

Mr Bradley's tenant needed £150 for removals but when she asked for the remaining £450 the landlord told her he should keep it due to rent arrears and damage.

However, a tribunal has ruled that because the money was never protected through a deposit scheme he should pay his ex-tenant a sum of around two-and-a-half times the original deposit.

Mr Bradley had told the tribunal that his mum managed the property and that he was not aware of the regulations in place regarding deposits.

He has said he is no longer letting out the property in question.