AN INNOVATIVE art therapy course in Greenock which is only the second of its kind in Scotland is using creativity to help women overcome traumatic experiences.

Peaced Together, which operates through the Kidron Project, encourages women to create art while sharing their stories and speaking about challenges they've faced in their lives.

Trainers Nma Campbell and Sheila Murphy were all set to start the course back in March when their plans were shelved by the coronavirus crisis.

The group is now up and running at Broomhill Gardens & Community Hub and it's so proving popular that there's already a waiting list for the courses starting in early 2021.

Nma says the course is about finding 'hope and beauty'.

She said: "We want to bring hope, peace and purpose through the creative arts to help people.

"We discuss issues that are very personal and we journey through it all together.

"People don't have to share their stories if they feel uncomfortable.

"It's about empowering people and we're already witnessing change for the better.

"We're all a little bit broken and it's good for people to know that they're not alone."

Nma and Sheila took a training course in Belfast in March and were starting to get things ready for the programme just as lockdown hit.

They set up a private online group as a source of support for women who had signed up for the course.

A £600 grant which Kidron received through the Corra Foundation Community Wellbeing Fund has enabled Nma and Sheila to buy materials for the group.

Each artist now has their own box of crafting items and activities include embroidery, painting and weaving.

Trainer Sheila added: "We're really excited about bringing this course to Inverclyde and about how it can help people.

"We're giving everyone the opportunity to meet people they may never have met and it's lovely to see friendships evolve."

Participant Michelle McKechnie told the Tele: "I've met some fantastic people and it's great company for me every week.

"The group has made me realise that everyone goes through different things at different times in their life and you're not alone in anything that you're feeling."

*To join the waiting list for the next block of sessions, email