A PORT councillor is aiming to put the town on the map by using a massive new sculpture as a centrepiece tourist attraction for Coronation Park.

Drew McKenzie says the £500k stainless steel shipbuilders statue, recently unveiled in the Tele, should become the centrepiece of a wider plan to transform the park.

He would like to see it complemented by an adventure playground and coastal walk with links to the river.

Councillor McKenzie said: "These sculptures have certainly divided opinion as to their worth but the fact is they will look immensely impressive and will draw people from far and wide to view them.

"It is imperative that we take this opportunity to develop the infrastructure within and around the park.

"New facilities must be put in place for visitors to enjoy.

"Coronation Park must become an attractive place for families to come to and enjoy."

The councillor says he has taken inspiration from the iconic Kelpies site in Falkirk, with its visitor centre and walkways.

He said: "We should look at Falkirk and see what they have achieved with the Kelpies - not just the structures themselves but what has been done with the surroundings.

"They have walks and activity areas and we could do that.

"We may even be able to utilise the river in some way."

The towering piece of public art, pictured, will stand at 33ft tall and weigh a combined 14 tonnes. It will be installed on a grassed area near the car park next spring.

Mr McKenzie believes it has the potential to become a big focal point.

He added: "If you think of the Kelpies, they are in the centre and people want to get their pictures taken with them.

"But they are surrounded by an infrastructure.

"We could have that too. There is no point in having the sculpture just sitting there on its own.

"Coronation Park is an asset for the town which is totally underused at the moment and this is a chance to change that."

The local politician says the people of Port Glasgow should voice their ideas on what they would like to see in the park.

He said: "The people of Port Glasgow will have their own opinions and thoughts on what they would like to see.

"This is a chance to enhance the infrastructure and to mark Port Glasgow and Inverclyde out as a destination.

"This could be the catalyst."