A GREENOCK man who suffers from a debilitating lung condition says he has to wear layers of clothing at night because his River Clyde Homes flat is so cold.

Neil McEwan, who lives in Broomhill Court, says his windows let in such a draught that the curtains move.

He described the temperature in his property as 'unbearable' at times.

Neil has lived in the flat for 16 years but says the problem only began when the windows were replaced a few years ago.

He now has to sleep with t-shirts, tracksuit bottoms and a hooded top on, with his hood up, on just to keep warm.

The 51-year-old says he is spending around £100 on gas to try to keep his home warm - to no avail.

Neil said: "It's absolutely freezing.

"I've got asbestos in my lungs and I'm dreading when the really bad weather hits in the winter.

"RCH were out a couple of weeks ago and said there were going to fix the vents.

"I told them that it's not the vents, it's the windows themselves.

"I had put tape on the windows to try to stop the draught coming in, but they took it all off.

"I've had them out umpteen times - I don't know what else I can do.

"It's driving me mad."

Neil says that the situation is so bad that he often goes to his daughter's house to sleeps on her couch.

He's also unable to have his two-year-old granddaughter Emily stay overnight due to the draught.

Neil is now pleading with his housing provider to do something to help before the winter properly takes hold.

He added: "I might as well just leave the windows open.

"I'm paying rent for a house I can't sleep in because it's so cold - and I'm spending money that I can't afford to try to keep it warm."

Carine Strain, senior repairs and investment manager at River Clyde Homes, told the Telegraph that Mr McEwan has not been in contact with the association about the temperature or heating bills.

She added: "This is the first time a concern has been raised to us by this tenant concerning heating bills or the property feeling cold.

"We can confirm that new double glazed windows were fitted in 2016 as was a new externally insulated render system.

"These works formed part of the Broomhill regeneration project."

The association also disputes the figure Mr McEwan says he is shelling out in heating costs but says it will carry out a full inspection of the flat.

Ms Strain said: "Heating for the property is provided via a district biomass heating system where tenants pay by use.

"We have checked payments made by Mr McEwan for the period January to November this year and this averages out at £27 per month.

"We will contact Mr McEwan to arrange an inspection of the property to discuss his concerns.”