GREENOCK residents have put an action plan in place to restore a local beauty spot - thanks to a £25,000 grant.

Councillor Tommy McVey has secured the five figure sum for improvements to Murdieston Dam and the Town Reservoir.

Local people have complained over the years about the state of the area, with overgrown trees, paths and a lack of barriers to the water all highlighted.

Now the ward councillor is urging the community to come on board and work alongside the residents association to improve it.

Councillor McVey said: "As part of the 2019/20 budget I managed to secure £25k of funding to carry out environmental improvements around the dams.

"I feel it is very important that local residents decide what works are carried out and that’s why I have asked the Cowdenknowes Residents' Association to get involved.

"They have been most helpful and suggestions include upgrading the footpaths, tree works and renewing or refurbishing the seating in the area.

"This has the potential to be an excellent community project.

"I would urge anyone who has any ideas to contact the secretary of the Cowdenknowes Residents' Association."

The residents' association have long called for action from the council to upgrade the Murdieston Dam area.

They would like to see the paths given priority, as well as a recreational area for children.

They have also highlighted the need for fencing as a barrier to keep children out of the water.

Activists would also like to see action to deal with the state of the lock-up garages on Murdieston Street.

Secretary George Riekie said: "The areas around both dams have the potential to be a beautiful amenity that the local residents and the town can be proud of."