A GREENOCK care home has been slapped with multiple improvement notices after inspectors found mattresses, beds and seats covered in bodily fluids and mould.

The shocking discovery was one of a number of failings uncovered by the Care Inspectorate during a check at Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Home on Newark Street.

In a damning report, the watchdog said the welfare and safety of residents was being compromised.

Inspectors unearthed dirty and contaminated bedrooms, including those of people who were isolating due to Covid-19.

The report also slammed staff for not separating soiled and clean linen properly.

Inspectors found there was a lack of cleaning schedules and noted 'insufficient awareness' of best practice guidance for coronavirus.

The home has now been instructed to make dozens of urgent changes, with inspectors grading it 'unsatisfactory' across all key areas.

Their report stated: "We concluded people's welfare and safety was compromised by risks which could not be tolerated and that immediate action was required.

"The environment and equipment did not meet acceptable levels of cleanliness.

"We found several service users' bedrooms were dirty and contaminated, including bedrooms of people who were isolating.

"Examples of poor practice included mattresses, beds and seat covers that were heavily contaminated with bodily fluids and mould.

"We found there was a lack of appropriate cleaning schedules in place to direct and guide staff effectively, placing individuals who live and work in the service at an increased risk of harm.

"We noted the service's laundry room needed significant refurbishment.

"We saw the process for managing clean and soiled linen was not effective to reduce the risk of cross-infection, with clean and soiled linen not correctly segregated."

The Mariners' Home is a Scottish registered charity care home held in trust by the Sailors' Society.

It looks after elderly male and females with Alzheimer's, dementia and special needs.

The home was originally for former sea-farers but now now provides care for non sea-farers.

Its website says residents are the 'most important' people on the premises, adding that 'they are not dependant on us, we are dependant on them'.

But inspectors have criticised it for not recruiting more staff in response to the pandemic and say the service was not using up-to-date Health Protection Scotland coronavirus guidance, noting that managers were 'unaware' there had been several changes to it.

The report said: "It was disappointing to hear the service had not changed staffing levels in response to the pandemic.

"We observed staff working in an isolated way in all units of the home.

"We noted the service was not using up-to-date Health Protection Scotland Covid-19 guidance.

"From our discussions with staff, we were not assured there was a clear understanding of responsibilities aligned to current guidance."

The severely critical report concluded that Mariners' residents did not have enough opportunities to engage in meaningful activities, leaving them at an increased risk of depression and anxiety.

It said: "People had limited opportunities to engage in activities linked to their choices.

"Residents and staff did not have access to helpful technology for video calls, so people did not benefit from creative ways to stay connected to others."

Dispensing of medication was also highlighted along with incomplete medical records.

The report said: "The service did not have effective quality assurance processes in place to ensure medications were well managed.

"Examples included incomplete information on handwritten medical records."

The Care Inspectorate carried out the inspection last month and told bosses they must ensure safe infection control practices were followed at all times and prove that service users experience a safe and clean environment.

A deadline of today has been set for the home to ensure the management and documentation of medication is in line with best practice guidance, that appropriate numbers of qualified staff are working, that there is an up-to-date training record for all staff, and that a risk-based assessment of the environment is completed in relation to the prevention and control of infection.

By January 11, all service users should have care and support plans which are 'outcome-focused and regularly evaluated'.

No comment was available from Sir Gabriel Wood's Mariners' Home as the Tele went to press.