A GOLDEN couple from Greenock are celebrating 50 years of marriage.

Margaret and Charles (Chic) Sinclair tied the knot on 20 November 1970 in Greenock registrar's office.

The golden grandparents who say they've 'grown old disgracefully' met in a wheely nice way - working for Western SMT.

Margaret, who is 75, told the Tele: "I was a bus clippy and Chic was the driver.

"We got married and moved to Lynedoch Street, before going to Antigua Street and spending most of our life together there."

The couple now live at Broomhill Court.

Chic grew up in the Strone and went to St Mary's School, while Margaret lived in Braeside and attended Finnart School, an all-girls establishment.

They both left home for work purposes - Margaret took off to New York when she was just 16 to be a bookkeeper and file clerk in downtown Manhattan, while Chic drove buses abroad in France and Italy.

Before he retired, Chic - who was in the coach driving industry for 60 years - was a school bus driver locally for Pride of the Clyde.

A career highlight for the 76-year-old was driving Billy Connolly around while he was filming The Elephant's Graveyard.

The couple have two children, 49-year-old Val, and Mark, 42, who is married to Nicola.

Val's daughter Emma Robertson, who is 26, is the couple's only grandchild.

Speaking of growing up with her grandparents, Emma said: "My gran was the sensible one and my granda was the mental one.

"When he worked away every day my gran picked me up from school and made me a sandwich before my mum picked me up.

"My granda always jokes about uncouth things and my gran just rolls her eyes.

"Nothing was off limits or something to be ashamed to talk about.

"They argue constantly about everything, but they couldn't live without each other."

Asked by the Tele about the secret to their happy marriage, Chic joked: "Working away from home!"