Line of Duty Star Martin Compston puts his detective skills to the test in a new video marking the launch of ‘Cluedo Liars’, a twist on the classic whodunnit board game.

The new clip sees a restless Martin staring at a complex web of clues in what appears to be a police investigation room – only to reveal, in a comical plot twist, that he is in fact taking the murder mystery game far too seriously. 

The opening scene shows the TV detective pacing around an evidence board, claiming: “I know they’re lying. One of you did it. It doesn’t make any sense”.

As the story unfolds, we see pieces of evidence peppered with humorous references – from important case files kept in the kitchen, iconic Cluedo character ‘Miss Scarlet’ being ruled out as a potential suspect and subtle nods to the Greenock actor’s best-known on-screen roles.

Tipped to be one of the biggest games this Christmas, in the latest edition of the classic board game – Cluedo Liars – players must use their best lying skills to cause mischief and trouble amongst their competitors, whilst gathering evidence to detect which of their fellow players are also being deceitful, in order to crack the case.

Martin will be back on our screens next year in the new series of Line of Duty.