A LOUT threatened to stab a police officer and murder his wife and children after being arrested for a blade offence in Port Glasgow.

Drew Murdoch — who had been caught in unlawful possession of scissors — later sank his teeth into an officer's finger, tried to headbutt him and also repeatedly spat within a police vehicle.

Murdoch, 27, swore and called a PC a disgusting name as he seethed: "I'm gonnae stab you the night, I know where you live.

"I'm gonnae be waiting for you outside and I'm gonnae stab you.

"I'm gonnae kill your wife and weans."

Greenock Sheriff Court heard how Murdoch spent his 27th birthday behind bars after being remanded in custody over the serious offences, which he committed on March 4.

Prosecutor Claire Rowan said: "Police had reason to search the accused and a pair of scissors was recovered from the back pocket of his trousers.

"Due to the threats made, officers requested further assistance.

"Whilst they were waiting the accused began to repeatedly spit within the police vehicle and thereafter a spit hood was placed over his head."

"One officer had reason to restrain the accused and the accused bit him to his right forefinger and attempted to headbutt him."

Murdoch had also been charged on indictment with culpably and recklessly denying that he had a bladed item prior to being searched and with drinking Bailey's liqueur on Glasgow Road, in breach of local street drinking legislation, but his not guilty pleas to these allegations were accepted.

Defence lawyer Aidan Gallagher said: "His period of remand equates to a sentence of 500 days.

"Street valium at the time was a major issue.

"He behaved wholly inappropriately, and he acknowledges that with the benefit of hindsight and sobriety."

The court was told that Murdoch intends to move to Motherwell on his release.

Sheriff Joseph Hughes deferred sentence for a background report and an electronic tagging assessment until December 8.