A DISTRAUGHT Greenock couple who are still grieving after the death of their daughter say anti-social behaviour is making their lives a misery.

Carl and Manuela Nordmann have lived in Wellpark Buildings for around six years but for the last two they've been plagued by disturbing behaviour from neighbours.

They say they have to put up with people shouting and screaming at all hours of the day and night, glass bottles and cigarettes butts being thrown down into the courtyard, and people urinating in the close.

Drug paraphernalia could be seen lying on the common grounds, pictured, when the Tele visited the property.

Mr & Mrs Nordmanne tragically lost their daughter Jacqueline in 2018 when she was just 23 and now struggle with anxiety and mental health problems.

Carl, 59, says the constant commotion in their close is making their lives hell and having a detrimental impact on their health.

He is today begging landlords River Clyde Homes for help.

Carl said: "Honest to god, it's a nightmare.

"People scream and yell at all hours and are constantly coming and going.

"They throw bottles down off the balcony onto the courtyard leaving glass shards everywhere.

"People have pets here and worry they will be injured.

"There are decent people living here who have to put up with this - people who are elderly and vulnerable.

"It's really hard for us to come to terms with our illnesses when people are here causing havoc."

Carl and Manuela, 50, say two residents have been visited numerous times by police, community wardens and River Clyde Homes, but nothing has changed.

He understands that one resident was issued with a final warning letter for termination of tenancy six months ago - and despite continued volatile activity, is still living in the property.

Carl added: "When I phone up and lodge a complaint I give the police incident number and River Clyde Homes still say that there's not enough evidence.

"They know that videos of these incidents exist so I don't understand why that's not classed as evidence.

"At least another six neighbours have complained but nothing ever gets done about it."

Carl regularly cleans the close and the grounds voluntarily, with help from his neighbours, as he wants to keep the place looking nice.

But his efforts are always thwarted.

He added: "We cleared all of the overgrown weeds, cigarette butts and glass on the courtyard and just as we had finished, cigarette butts were thrown out again.

"It's so frustrating.

"We've had eggs thrown at our windows too.

"It turns my stomach."

Fellow Wellpark Buildings resident John Gallagher, 57, agrees with Mr Nordmann and says the anti-social behaviour is 'constant'.

He said: "There are people fighting all day and night and it definitely got worse during lockdown.

"They throw bottles out the front and back and the police are never out of the building.

"They're here almost on a daily basis."

River Clyde Homes says it treats all anti-social behaviour 'extremely seriously'.

Service improvement manager Elaine Cannon said: "We are aware of reports of anti-social behaviour within this block.

"They have been fully investigated and action has been taken in line with the association’s anti-social behaviour policy.

"We will continue to work with Police Scotland and the community wardens in order to take action where complaints of anti-social behaviour are substantiated.

"Our priority continues to be ensuring our neighbourhoods are safe places to live and supporting our tenants who are impacted by anti-social behaviour.

"We would encourage tenants to report any incidents of anti-social behaviour.

"They can do so in confidence, at any time of the day or night, by calling 0800 013 2196."