MORTON bosses have called in police over the emergence of an explosive leaked document which slams fans' investment group chiefs, criticises a club director, makes financial demands and threatens to 'embarrass' the Rae family.

A copy of the two-page paper, also now at the centre of a Cappielow probe, has been passed to the Telegraph.

The document is unsigned and not marked as confidential but it lists a series of points in connection with the chief executive role and relationships at the club.

The Tele contacted both the club and Ton CEO Dave MacKinnon in a bid to establish the origin and author of the document.

Mr MacKinnon told us the document was the ‘subject of a police investigation’ and that he had no further comment to make.

A board meeting was convened to discuss the leak and an inquiry has been ordered into the document.

It directly references Morton Club Together, the supporters' organisation which has pumped over £100,000 into the club over the last year or so and is set to take control in the summer from the Rae regime.

It also refers to chairman Crawford Rae and threatens to expose details of the running of the club behind the scenes.

Under one section headed 'CEO ROLE AND FUTURE: Gordon Ritchie', the author makes a series of claims about Mr Ritchie, a senior official from MCT who was recently appointed to the Ton board to help prepare for the transition to community ownership this summer.

The document accuses the lawyer of 'actively interfering and undermining CEO position - cutting across CEO role by going direct to senior players and the assistant manager by discussing player retention and targets and in the case of one player telling him his likely role going forward'.

A list of bullet points goes on to make a series of comments about the running of the club.

The first says: "If MCT want to take over the running of the club - no issues - but be up front with me and we can negotiate my departure."

It adds: "Left in an untenable position with the staff - due to Director interference and undermining of position."

The next point says: "CEO doing a number of jobs - inc kit man, cleaner, player training support - ridiculous situation but doing this for the benefit of the club."

The writer goes on: "Not prepared to continue in this way. Require backing properly or agree an exit."

The document outlines a series of demands, stating: "If CEO to stay - need genuine backing, access to finances, board minutes, no MCT interference in football matters - but also proper payment of contract - this is all legitimate for CEO role and not an unreasonable request."

It then criticises Morton Club Together chiefs directly, saying: "MCT Board are not in situ, have no experience of running a football club, and importantly are only in their position as representatives of their 700 members. The [sic] should remember that and give respect as required."

The paper then discusses possible scenarios for the 'exit' of the chief executive.

Under a heading entitled 'If Crawford is prepared to honour contract' it states: "Expect contract to be honoured - work a month and then pay 2 months - at the full rate of the contract. CEO has been nothing but loyal to the club and Chair - not too much to ask for the same in return and to part on positive professional terms."

It adds: "CEO contract was with the Chair personally on behalf of the club - so holding the Chair to his personal word - his integrity."

The author continues: "Prepared to do a detailed handover - necessary due to the range of roles have been carrying out - for the benefit of the club."

It goes on: "Expects loyalty to be returned."

Under the following section, titled 'Exit - immediately', the paper states: "If chair not prepared to honour contract - will walk away today - no handover."

The document concludes by making a series of statements: "As is breach of contract - will put in the hands of solicitor.

"Will speak to the press (extensive national press contacts) about how the club has been run and personal experience as CEO - no support from the board; internal snipers and undermining, no access to finances or board minutes, etc - embarrassing for the Rae family."

After being approached about the document by the Tele, Morton chairman Crawford Rae said: "The club has launched an internal investigation into this matter."

Bosses at MCT also issued us with a statement after being asked for their response.

Graham Barr, a spokesperson for Morton Club Together, said: "MCT were surprised and disappointed to read this document written by someone connected to the club.

"During 2020, MCT members offered significant backing to the club, both financially and in terms of supporting the running of the club.

"Therefore, it is disappointing to see negative and inaccurate allegations regarding MCT.

"There are several other allegations contained in the document that are club related and not for MCT to comment on at this time.”

A spokesperson for Police Scotland said they had been made aware of the leaked document and were looking in to it.