RECYCLING points across Inverclyde have become overwhelmed by household rubbish.

The festive period has resulted in huge amounts of items being discarded around neighbourhood recycling points.

The recycling point at the Tesco car park in Greenock is one of the places affected, as bags and packed boxes pile up.

Inverclyde Council are now reminding people in the area that recycling centres at Pottery Street and Kirn Drive are still open, despite new lockdown restrictions.

A spokesperson for the local authority said: "Recycling facilities tend to be busier at this time of year following an increase in recyclable materials during Christmas and new year.

"Our staff are working as quickly as they can within the current restrictions to keep on top of the dozens of sites we have and are carrying out additional uplifts when possible.

"Regular household, kerbside bin collections continued during the festive period and residents have also been able to leave extra items by their blue bin for collection to provide further support during this busy time.

"Our recycling centres at Pottery Street in Greenock and Kirn Drive in Gourock are also open."

Municipal Buildings bosses praised people for recycling but urged them not to dump items at points which are already full.

Their spokesman said: "It’s encouraging to see the commitment by residents to recycling and helping the environment.

"If bins at neighbourhood recycling points are full, we would like to ask people not to leave materials at the side of the bins to avoid causing a mess.

"Please hold onto materials a little while longer until the recycling points have been emptied or make use of one of the recycling centres."