AN armed robber who targeted a Larkfield convenience store on New Year's Day and subjected a counter assistant and customer to terrifying knifepoint ordeals has been given a seven-year extended sentence.

John Canney was handed a jail term of four years, plus a further three years of strict supervision in the community following his eventual release.

A sheriff warned the 39-year-old multiple offender that he will be returned to prison if he commits any further crime during that period of his sentence.

The Telegraph told last month how a brave shop worker at the Day Today outlet on Cumberland Road tackled Canney by bashing his fingers with a bottle of Buckfast as he tried to prise open the till.

The woman was serving him on the morning of January 1 last year when he suddenly produced a knife.

Mayhem ensued after a customer burst into the shop and launched a caseload of fizzy drinks at him.

Juice spewed from the cans while Canney grabbed cash from the till — before chasing the man from the store and threatening to stab him.

Canney chased the man along Cumberland Road to a block of flats, causing the victim to barricade himself behind the door of the common close there.

The robber shouted at him: "You're getting stabbed, you're getting it."

Canney then hit the door before fleeing.

Defence lawyer Gerry Keenan told a sentencing hearing: "It is acknowledged that there is only one credible disposal in this case."

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre remarked: "There is a very sad history and background circumstances here, where almost everyone around Mr Canney has had an addiction to drugs and almost every one them has died as a result of their addictions."

Solicitor Mr Keenan said: "Most of the issues he has are a result of being exposed, for most of his life, to controlled drugs and the consequences of that exposure.

"He demonstrates significant insight into the the trouble that has led to these crimes and he has shown considerable remorse."

Sheriff McIntyre told Canney: "It is to your credit that you recognise the very serious course of conduct that you embarked upon.

"However, it is of grave concern to the court, and to people in the wider community, that these kind of crimes can happen, and it is gravely worrying that you have done this after so many years of offending and offending with knives.

"I am concerned to ensure that the general public are adequately protected when you are eventually released and I am therefore imposing an extended sentence of seven years."

Canney's four-year prison term has been backdated to when he was first remanded in custody on January 8 last year.