A TOP goalscorer is celebrating a precious award that means more to him than all his success on the football field.

Zack Paul, 11, was presented with the Robbie Quigg Memorial Award by St Andrews' Boys Club for doing lots of community work during lockdown.

The prize is awarded by the club annually in memory of Robbie, who tragically died after being knocked down in Larkfield in 2015.

Zack was a close friend of Robbie and he says he feels 'proud' to have received this special honour in his name.

Zack, of Finnie Terrace in Gourock, said: "Robbie was my friend so it means a lot to win the award.

"I miss him.

"All the boys in the team miss Robbie and when the award is due it makes us miss him all the more.

"I think Robbie would be pleased that I won it."

The club presented the prize in recognition of Zack's outstanding voluntary work during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He helped to deliver meals with his dad Chris from Branchton Community Centre and also supported his dad's community project Man On, aimed at helping men with mental health issues.

Chris, 32, who lives with his wife Maxine, Zack, daughter Aria, six, and Theo, eleven months, said: "We are very proud.

"I teamed up with Branchton Community Centre to deliver meals and Zack was my sat-nav.

"He also helped deliver care packages for Man On and with painting our new wellbeing centre.

"We also did some fundraising and he helped out with that too."

Chris also paid tribute to Robbie and his family.

He said: "Zack and Robbie were team-mates at St Andrew's and me and Robbie's dad Rab used to car share.

"It's been such a hard time for his family and the boys in the team, who lost one of their own."

Zack's award coincides with a good season for the club.

Chris said: "It's been a good year for St Andrew's, Robbie brother's Jai signed for Rangers and Zack scored 50 goals.

"The coaches at the club are great.

"They play such a big part in the boys' lives, not only with football but their overall development."