A GROUP of kind colleagues got on their bike and proved to Ardgowan Hospice that they could bank on their help.

Staff members at Bank of Scotland took part in a branch fundraiser to raise vital funds for the hospice.

The idea came from banking consultant Linda McRobie, who lost her father Richard in February last year after a short battle with stage four cancer of the oesophagus.

The much-loved 77-year-old was cared for by the hospice's in-patient unit and Linda wanted to find a way to thank them for making her dad comfortable.

Linda, from Greenock, said: "Tragically my dad was diagnosed with cancer on 18 December 2019 and he went into Ardgowan Hospice the following month.

"It was a really sad year for our family and rather than remember how terrible the anniversary of his diagnosis was, I decided to do something positive and raise money for Ardgowan.

"My colleagues have been an incredible support and they were delighted to get onb oard.

"I am so thankful to them and also the hospice staff who cared for my dad, made him laugh and treated us like family."

The team at the West Blackhall Street branch all took turns using an exercise bike kindly loaned by Lady Octavia Sports Centre.

They covered the distance from here to Stirling Castle.

They also had bucket collections on the day of the challenge and there was an online raffle for staff as well, with an array of prizes all arranged by Linda.

Fundraising officer at Ardgowan Hospice, Elaine McNeill, said: "We are so sorry for the McRobie family's loss and so thankful to them that they have focused their efforts on raising vital funds for our patients to allow us to support others like Richard.

"It was particularly great to see the efforts in the branch especially with how difficult a year it was.

"We'd like to thank Linda, the team and all the customers who supported on the day."