THE Tele's ace photographer was in the frame for praise after he went the extra mile to ensure a loyal reader still managed to get her copy.

Jean Macdonald, who has been deaf since falling ill with measles at the age of five, has been shielding in her Gourock home with service dog Lewis.

The 70-year-old usually picks up a copy of the paper each day when out and about, but while she's stuck inside for a short time, Tele photographer George Munro came to the rescue and dropped off her paper every day.

Jean said: "It's been so helpful to have George drop off my Tele.

"Thank you to him for doing this, it is great and typical of the type of person he is, and everyone in the Tele newsroom."

Jean's didn't opt-in to our home delivery service as she's hoping to be back out very soon to pick up her own copy at the local shop.

George says he was delighted to do his bit meantime and help out Jean.

He said: "When Jean got in touch to say she wasn't able to get her newspaper, I knew I had to help her.

"She's been a loyal reader for years and we're really chuffed we've still been able to help her get her trusty Tele during these uncertain times.

"We'd hope anyone who needs to will make use of our home delivery services."

Home supply co-ordinator Diane Revell is now also offering free delivery of the Greenock Telegraph to care homes and nursing homes in Gourock and Greenock.

She said: "If anyone knows of anyone who would benefit from this free service, please get in touch.

"This free service will be moving forward past the restriction periods hopefully for many years to come."

To get in touch with Diane, call 07415011690 or email

If you'd like more information about home delivery, call 0141 302 7318 or email