INVERCLYDE'S Provost rolled up his sleeve at Greenock Town Hall to receive his Covid-19 vaccination today - then urged everyone to get the jag when invited.

Martin Brennan and his wife Veronica, both in the over 70s category, went along to the mass vaccination centre set up at Greenock Town Hall to receive their first dose of the vaccine.

The 74-year-old said he felt 'incredibly grateful' and commended the team of staff and volunteers from NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde and the health and social care partnership.

Provost Brennan said: "Both Veronica and I have our birthdays a day apart so both received our letters to get vaccinated on the same day.

"It couldn't have went more smoothly.

"The set-up is excellent and the staff and volunteers are doing an absolutely wonderful job.

"During this pandemic our community has rallied around and offered support to those who need it most, and the volunteers on hand today show just that.

"This vaccine is a Godsend and not only is it protecting me, it means I'll have less chance of passing the virus on to others.

"I am very grateful to have received it."

At the moment, 300 people per day are being vaccinated at the Greenock vaccination centre, however NHS GGC have confirmed this number will increase to 1,000 per day.

Martin received his vaccine from local nurse, Helen Hurrell, and encouraged everyone to attend their appointments.

He said: "We were dubbed the 'Covid capital' perhaps unfairly, but we cannot deny we were hit badly at the very beginning and once again over the December period.

"It has been a rollercoaster for Inverclyde and the more people who get vaccinated, the more likely we can eliminate the virus.

"Our infection rate has dropped again, so if we pair that with the fact the vaccinations are being rolled out, we would hope it will continue to fall.

"Get the vaccine not just for your own sake but that of your friends, family and people you don't know - we all need to play our part."

The town hall is one of 16 centres being used across the Glasgow and Clyde region.

On hand to direct attendees around the vaccination centre is volunteer Liz McCready, who previously helped at the flu clinic held in the town hall.

She told the Tele: "It's been very well attended so far and everyone has said they feel very safe.

"Volunteers work in shifts and we are here to help direct people to staff and assist where needed."

Currently those aged 70-74 are being welcomed along by appointment only and people have been reminded not to turn up unannounced.

Provost Brennan said: "We know that people are desperate to get the vaccine, but we would ask you only attend if you have been contacted to do so.

"We will get there, we just have to be patient."