A GREENOCK singer-songwriter who bagged a number one hit single in 2020 has launched an exciting new project.

Pete MacLeod shot to the top of the UK physical singles chart last year with his single 'Firing Line'.

He has now joined forces with Wales-based musician Brandon Lee and Coatbridge musician Graeme Ferguson to form 3SouL.

Their debut single 'Energy' - described by the band as a poignant look at the everyday struggles of life - is out now.

Their collaboration was sparked after Pete met Brandon and Graeme when he played K-Fest in Rhyl, north Wales, in 2019.

He said: "Sometimes you meet people and you just know there is something there.

"Fergy and I knew each other and had always worked well together, but Brandon is a major piece of the puzzle.

"We're something very different as a unit."

After their get-together two years ago, Pete and Graeme started travelling to Wales to work on projects with Brandon.

He says the band are making music that the three of them like - and they hope other people will enjoy it too.

Pete added: "The band is different for me because there's a collective force behind the music.

"It’s not something that’s forced from my own perspective.

"We don’t have any pressure on us – we’re not too concerned with charts or anything like that.

"It’s all about working together to produce something authentic that we all like.

"I’m making music with good mates who are both very talented in their own right."

Pete hopes that the debut 3SouL single will help people through the difficult times we're currently living in due to the pandemic.

He added: "Everyone is going through tough times at the moment and the uncertainty is testing everyone’s patience.

"Hopefully our music can lighten the mood and be a powerful medicine for many.

"It's been there for us through the good times and bad."

'Energy' can be streamed on the Tidal platform.

To find out more about 3SouL visit https://www.facebook.com/3soulofficial/