EDUCATION bosses have announced they are introducing asymptomatic coronavirus testing in schools and nurseries in Inverclyde.

The move revealed by Inverclyde Council is designed to help reduce the spread of Covid-19 in the community.

A new testing programme will be aimed at people without any symptoms of the virus as part of 'risk reduction mitigations in education settings'.

The aim is to reduce coronavirus-related risks in schools by helping to identify asymptomatic individuals 'at the earliest possible opportunity'.

Anyone who tests positive, and their close contacts, will then be told to self-isolate to minimise the likelihood of them passing on the virus.

Testing kits are currently being delivered to schools for use by staff and pupils who are attending school.

Schools across the area are currently operating as hubs for children who are vulnerable and those whose parents are keyworkers.

The testing programme is initially available to all primary, secondary and special school staff plus all early learning centre and childcare staff and senior phase pupils.

Secondary schools will write to pupils in the senior phase next week outlining arrangements for testing if required.

Staff eligible for tests include teachers, classroom-based support staff, admin workers, facilities management staff such as cleaners and janitors etc.), transport staff and other school-based employees critical to the effective delivery of education, including those from other services who visit schools regularly such as IT workers and council property staff.

A council spokesperson said: "The asymptomatic testing programme does not replace the current testing policy for those with symptoms.

"School staff and pupils who experience symptoms of coronavirus must continue to self-isolate immediately and arrange a PCR test at"