A LOCAL coach put a football star from Inverclyde through his paces at Inverkip Hub before he returned Stateside.

Marc McGhee of First Touch Football Coaching met with Inter Miami's Lewis Morgan for training sessions at the village community centre as the 24-year-old prepared for his new season with David Beckham's club.

Watching on the sidelines was John McClurg, who coached Lewis at the very beginning of his football career.

Marc says it was 'great to be reunited' with the local star, who has previously played for St Mirren, Celtic and Sunderland.

The 29-year-old told the Tele: "I got in touch with Lewis to see if he wanted to do some sessions while he was back home.

"We met down at the Inverkip Hub, which is where I coach with First Touch.

"It was fantastic and really great to see Lewis again.

"He played with First Touch before signing with Rangers youth, so it's brilliant to see him do so well."

Lewis joined the MLS outfit in January 2020 and was praised by top names for the impact he made with them in his first year.

Marc, who has been playing locally since a youngster, told the Tele: "The sessions were good fun but also serious, we wanted to help him get his fitness back before the season and make sure he was going over there in good shape.

"It was good to have John there too as he was there at the very beginning for Lewis.

"Lewis was excellent in training - he's a brilliant player."

Marc hopes the session will inspire many of the youngsters - mainly aged between eight and 16 - he coaches on a one-to-one basis through First Touch.

Despite lockdown measures, Scottish Government guidance means he can meet one player in the 30 strong group at a time for coaching.

He added: "It's been quite difficult but luckily within the restrictions I can still do sessions.

"We're doing the best we can and while we do hope things return to normality soon, I've been really grateful to still coach."