A FLOODING saga which has turned a disabled Greenock man's garden into a swamp has finally been resolved.

Water had been pouring down onto Michael Doherty's Grieve Road rear garden for no fewer eight years and cascading over a wall onto paving slabs at his door.

Mr Doherty, 48, had repeatedly complained to Oak Tree Housing Association to no avail and then contacted Councillor Tommy McVey, who got in touch with the association and adjacent landowners Greenock Golf Club.

When Cllr McVey had no success he turned to the Telegraph to highlight the problem.

Now the golf club, although not accepting responsibility, has taken remedial action to divert water away from a drain at the back of Michael's property.

His sister Veronica said: "Michael is over the moon that after eight years, something has finally been done about it.

"It has affected his affected his mental health.

"I am just so glad that we contacted the Telegraph and Councillor McVey."

Councillor McVey added: "The flooding has stopped, which is the main thing.

"However, there appears to be some debate as to the root cause of the problem and whether the flooding is coming from the golf course or whether the drain, in the back gardens of the houses, is blocked.

"Oak Tree have assured me that the drain is clear and the golf club have taken remedial action to divert the water from the houses concerned.

“I've had further discussions with both parties and we have agreed to monitor the performance of the drain and the flow of the diverted water over the next six months."

Mr McVey says the situation will be reassessed in the summer to see if any other works are required.

A statement from Greenock Golf Club said: "We have engaged with all interested parties regarding the flooding issue at this property which is adjacent to our course, including Oak Tree Housing Association, Inverclyde Council and the local councillor in order to find a solution to the problem.

"It is our view that the issue has been caused by problems with the drainage system within the property that does not belong to Greenock Golf Club.

"However, we do recognise the impact of this situation on the householder and have taken remedial action to divert the water away from long standing drainage system at the property."

Nick Jardine, chief executive officer of Oak Tree Housing Association, said he had been notified that golf course staff carried out remedial work to a drain and created a ditch to redirect the water.

He said: "Subsequently our staff inspected the garden ground and the problem had been resolved.

"We have agreed to inspect the garden ground over the next few months to ensure the situation continues to be under control."