A BRIDGE at the top of Auchmountain Glen will soon be back in action thanks to a terrific team effort.

Restoration and repair work on the structure will soon be finished, 10 years after it was first deemed unsafe.

The task is a key part of the rejuvenation of the beauty spot.

Councillor Michael McCormick recently visited volunteers and the on-site team from Inverclyde Community Development Trust and local firm Inverweld, who are also involved in the project.

Councillor McCormick said: "The work is progressing well, although it has its challenges with the location of the bridge.

"Once completed this will be a great asset for the people of Inverclyde to get out and explore the Glen.

"With everything that is happening in the world right now the more outdoor walks on our doorstep, the better.

"I think special praise should go to all the volunteers involved in trying to bring the Glen back to what it once was."

Last year Trust trainees from the council-funded Future Jobs Scheme started working with the Friends of Auchmountain Glen to help restore it.

The trainees gained new skills in groundwork, basic construction, drainage and soft and hard landscaping, as well as learning how to use various hand and power tools.

Once the bridge section is complete and the pandemic public health restrictions are lifted, the Trust plans to start another group of trainees and put them to work on the upper section of the Glen.

A Trust spokesperson said: "We're delighted to be working alongside the community and making environmental improvements to Auchmountain Glen and we're hoping to be back on site as soon as restrictions are lifted.

"Auchmountain Glen provides an excellent opportunity to upskill our young people and deliver good quality work experience."

The Future Jobs Fund is funded by the council and delivered by ICDT as part of an employability programme.