A GREENOCK-born MSP recorded a video of himself taking a home HIV test to raise awareness and reduce stigma attached to the virus.

Jamie Greene, who is the founder of the Scottish Parliament's LGBTI cross-party group, recorded a live HIV test to 'start a conversation about sexual health'.

Mr Greene said: "I wanted to do this video to show people just how easy it is to order a HIV testing kit, do the test and get the result, which takes only 15 minutes.

"I was initially quite apprehensive to do the test however it was remarkably straightforward.

"I’ve already had people message me to say that they’ve ordered one and are going to get tested as a result of seeing my video.

"HIV is not the death sentence people used to think it was.

"Nor does it solely affect certain groups of the population such as LGBT people or regular drug users.

"I wanted to make sure that people take charge of their sexual health and aren’t afraid to come forward and get tested."

Testing kits can be ordered for free from a variety of sources including from www.HIVtest.scot