A GREENOCK carer's year-long dispute with a supermarket over car wash damage to her vehicle looks set to end in deadlock.

Shelagh McKay Jones' back windscreen wiper was damaged whilst using the facility at Morrisons in April 2020.

She said it caused around £100 worth of damage.

Despite the supermarket chain initially telling her that she should have been offered a sleeve for the wiper to prevent damage, Shelagh says they subsequently denied liability due to a disclaimer, leaving her to fork out.

After the lack of response from the supermarket, Shelagh went to an online claims operator who escalated her case and liaised with the chain on her behalf.

However, she has now been told they can take no further action and that she must seek her own legal advice - almost one year down the line.

Shelagh, who cares for her daughter, told the Tele: "I hadn't used a car wash in years so when I went in and bought a ticket, I wasn't advised of needing to use a sleeve.

"I soon realised the brushes had pulled the wiper off and damaged the motor spindle but when I told the staff member about it she didn't know what to do, as she didn't usually work in the garage.

"I was asked to fill out forms and months went by without me hearing anything.

"When I went into the store they didn't know anything about it as the forms hadn't even been processed."

Shelagh says she was initially asked to obtain two quotes to repair the damage and was informed she could be given £50 in compensation but the company would not cover the full amount.

She said: "I had to get the quotes from two garages and then return to the store, and it was so much back and forth during a time where I needed to care for my daughter.

"I eventually just had to get it fixed myself.

"It's really poor and I've lost all faith in Morrisons, which is a shame as I was a loyal customer there.

"To be a year down the line and not have an apology from them about not initially being offered a sleeve, to the forms not being processed, is both frustrating and disappointing.

"They have said that the damage is covered by the disclaimer, however they didn't hold up their end by not providing the protective sleeve - so they should accept responsibility.

"Although it is a lot of money to me, £100 is a drop in the ocean to them.

"It is ridiculous this has went on so long."

The Telegraph approached Morrisons for comment, but they did not respond.