A MECHANICAL engineer from Greenock fashioned a way to stay busy during lockdown after being left jobless due to the pandemic.

Kaylyn Burke and her partner Beth Atkinson started creating clothes and accessories for family and friends after Kaylyn was made redundant from Rolls Royce last summer.

Their venture took off - and the duo have now formally launched as Limited Streetwear.

They have already snapped up over 600 followers on Instagram within their first week and are in the process of setting up their own website.

Kaylyn told the Tele: "It was tough losing my job and also having to stay at home during lockdown.

"Both Beth and I are really interested in fashion so we decided to give it a go and start creating streetwear just for friends and family at first.

"It had a really good response so we thought we'd turn it into a business.

"We've had so many orders.

"Fortunately I'm now back working and Beth is an apprentice fabrication welder, but with lockdown continuing we thought this would be a great way to keep busy doing something that we both enjoy."

The pair have created unisex hoodies, hats, sweatshirts and t-shirts.

The kind couple have also pledged to donate 20 per cent of the profits each month from their new venture to a homelessness charity or foodbank, after Kaylyn realised how easily she could have been left without a roof over her head following her sudden job loss.

She said: "I had a really wonderful family who supported me no matter what, but there could have been every chance I'd have had to give up my house if things were different.

"There is still so much stigma surrounding homelessness.

"Nobody ever knows the full story of why someone could end up in that position and my experience showed how easily someone's life could change overnight.

"We've been seeing photos of people outside on the streets in this weather which is awful, so we wanted to play our part and do something.

"We hope it'll make a small difference to someone who needs it each month."