A GREENOCK man who has battled throat cancer says he feels like a prisoner in his top floor flat as he fights for a new property.

Mark Humphreys told of his traumatic illness in the Telegraph last month.

His condition was missed twice and as a result the cancer was at an advanced stage before he was treated.

The 47-year-old underwent six weeks of radiotherapy followed by eight weeks fighting for his life at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.

Mark lives with his wife Sharon in a top floor flat in Wellington Street which is rented privately.

But his health problems mean it is not suitable, as he can no longer manage the stairs.

Mark said: "I'm breathless all the time and even by the time I get to the bottom of the stairs I'm shattered.

"I actually feel slightly worse than I did when I came out of hospital.

"My hearing has been damaged because of the radiotherapy and chemotherapy and I have to wear two hearing aids and that has affected my balance.

"I'm staggering event getting up from the couch."

Mark, who was a tipper driver with WH Malcolm, says he has been on the housing waiting list for 30 years and his need is now urgent.

He has medical points but says he will only be considered by River Clyde Homes for a high flat.

Mark said: "When the new houses in Woodhall were being built we were fourth on the list, then they changed the points system.

"We were offered a high flat in Whinhill Court and were told it was ready to move into - but there were holes in the kitchen and wires hanging and the walls were scraped back to the plaster.

"It was an absolute shambles.

"We refused it and it went down as a refused bid, we appealed against that but they said it stood as a refusal.

"It's a joke the way we have been treated by River Clyde Homes."

Mark had hoped that he would be able to return to work but is not well enough.

He has two step-children four step-grandchildren with Sharon.

The couple suffered a tragic loss in 2002 when their precious baby daughter Natalie was stillborn.

Mark said: "We want a back and front door and to be settled instead of going from private let to private let."

Elaine Cannon, service improvement manager at River Clyde Homes, said: “We are sorry to hear of Mr Humphrey’s circumstances and note he that is looking for a house with a garden.

"We have a low turnover of cottage-type properties with a garden, and no or few with internal/external stairs so we are unable to provide timescale of availability.

“We would be happy to discuss Mr Humphrey’s housing options with him further, as we may have other properties that would meet his current housing needs.

"We will arrange for a member of staff to contact him.”