A GOUROCK councillor today slammed Royal Mail for making changes to their parcel delivery service in the town.

From now on people living in the town will no longer be able to go to the Kempock Street post office to collect undelivered items.

Instead they'll have to travel to the main sorting office in Greenock.

Councillor Chris McEleny says that the town is being poorly served by the post office and he has written to bosses calling on them to do a u-turn.

He also challenged them to commit to providing a sustainable full service in the town.

Cllr McEleny said: "This may not seem the biggest issue to some at first, but it is important to raise the issue to protect local services in the community.

"It wasn’t that long ago that the town lost its retail banks, and now this is another service that will go.

"Will the guarantee to redeliver parcels for free still be there this time next year?

"I want Royal Mail to maintain the current provision, as well as to set out their long-term commitment to Gourock, and I look forward to their response doing so."

Royal Mail recently sent out letters informing residents they'd no longer be able to pick up items from Kempock Street from the beginning of March.

Customers who have missed deliveries will need to travel to the Knowe Road delivery office in Greenock to collect their parcels instead.

Royal Mail say that people can book for free to have the item redelivered.

In his letter to Royal Mail, SNP councillor Mr McEleny raises concerns about asking people to travel to collect parcels during the current Covid-19 restrictions.

He also asked for assurances about the company's commitment to providing a fully comprehensive service to people that live in the town.

The Tele contacted Royal Mail about the service changes but they'd failed to respond as we went to press.