BOSSES at a Greenock community centre have planted the seed of an idea to grow a garden for everyone in their neighbourhood to enjoy.

Willie Wilson, the manager at Branchton CC, is appealing to residents of all ages to dig in and join the new project.

The centre team are looking at creating individual patches, communal fruit trees to harvest from, greenhouses and outdoor picnic areas and space for children to play.

Willie said: "We started a garden prior to lockdown, then we had to put it on hold because we weren't allowed to do the things we wanted to do.

"We have funds available that we have to spend before the end of the financial year and we are trying to find out what the community want.

"We want to hear especially from men in the community, as they are one of the groups we are finding it hard to engage with."

Willie and Carol McEwan, the centre's climate challenge project development officer, hope that people will be growing produce in the garden by the summer.

Willie told the Telegraph: "It's only a small space outside the centre but we hope it could be the start of something.

"There are loads of other green spaces and opportunities in Greenock south west.

"We're hoping that from little things, big things will grow."

Carol says other groups have shown an interest in developing a community garden.

She said: "The chair at Grieve Road Community Centre, Veronica Doherty, is interested and Larkfield Community Halls are too.

"We want to get the youth club involved and mums and dads and their families to create a nice feel in the garden and perhaps create a competitive aspect such as seeing who can grow the most potatoes or the biggest sunflower.

"I think kids would enjoy that."

But the clock is ticking with regards to utilising the funding and Willie and Carol need people's input as soon as possible.

Willie said: "Since the funding has to be used by the end of this month, we need the public's help quickly."

Anyone with suggestions for the garden can contact the centre via its Facebook page: