CAMPAIGNERS rallying support to keep Scotland in the UK have unveiled a billboard in Inverclyde — with a clear message on what they consider to be the country's priority right now.

The 'Vaccination Not Separation' slogan is emblazoned across a Scotland Matters movement poster at the junction of Greenock's Campbell Street and Brougham Street.

Members of the Inverclyde Yes to the United Kingdom group turned out to back the billboard and called on the Scottish Government to 'do its job' on combating coronavirus.

They say that the vaccination programme to protect the population from Covid-19 and re-open all of Scotland's economy is the overriding priority.

Former Inverclyde MP and pro-Union campaigner Iain McKenzie said: "It is time for the first minister and the SNP to put aside the threat of separation and concentrate on vaccination to get us out of this pandemic.

"We need to save as many lives as possible and now we have the vaccine, delivering it should be the absolute priority for the SNP Scottish Government.

"Speeding up rollout to all of our age groups should be the sole focus of their attention, and catch up and match the rest of the United Kingdom in vaccination numbers."

Mr McKenzie added: "Do your job Scottish Government, listen to what Scotland needs — vaccination — and not what the SNP want — separation."

A spokesperson for Scotland Matters said: "We are happy to team up with the Inverclyde Yes to the UK campaign to emphasise at this time what should be the priority for the Scottish Government.

"We can only hope that the first minister and the SNP government put aside their fixation with separation and concentrate on getting Scotland through this pandemic by vaccinating the people of Scotland as quickly as possible and not needlessly worrying them with the threat of another divisive and unwanted referendum on separation."

The appearance of the billboard sparked debate in the Tele's Postbag page, with some criticising the campaign and accusing those behind it of taking a 'cheap shot' and 'scraping the barrel'.

But other readers have defended it saying that the group are entitled to voice their opinions on the matter.

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