Covid-19 cases in Inverclyde have fallen by almost half over a two week period.

Figures released by Public Health Scotland revealed that there were 78 positive coronavirus cases registered in Inverclyde in the week ending 14 February.

In the week ending 28 February, there were 41 positive cases recorded. 

There has been a steady decline since the beginning of the year, with previous weeks ending with over 100 cases registered.

Eight 'neighbourhoods' in Inverclyde recorded Covid-19 cases in the week ending 28 February - however there were no more than five positive test results in each area.

Greenock Telegraph:

More Inverclyde 'neighbourhoods' suppressed the virus than reported cases, with nine areas reporting zero to two cases each.

The seven day positive rate for the week ending 28 February was 52.7 per 100,000 population - almost half the rate of 100.3 that was recorded in the week ending 14 February.