A BROTHER and sister were reunited for an inside visit after almost of year of lockdown.

Kathleen Craig, 79, and her brother Daniel, met within Merino Court Care Home in Greenock this week.

Garden and window visits had been allowed but this was a big step forward for these siblings and for so many other families.

Manager Morag Hynes said: "It was the first time they saw each other indoors since March.

"Kathleen was over the moon to see her brother.

"The response from families has all been very positive - the indoor visits started on Monday and once people have a visit they just keep bookin gfor the next one."

Visits are allowed twice a week.

Morag said: "Having physical contact with loved ones is very good for people's mental well being.

"We are delighted to be able to offer these visits. We have almost reached that 12-month mark since the start of lockdown.

"It is a long time to wait for residents and their relatives to be re-united.

"It is great for the staff to be part of it all as well."