GREENOCK councillor Jim McEleny has revealed he staying with the SNP for now following his son's defection to the new pro-independence party led by Alex Salmond.

Mr McEleny, who followed his son Chris's footsteps in 2017 to become an elected member, told the Tele that he has no plans to join him in the Alba Party ranks at the moment.

Former SNP group leader Chris was one of the first members to announce he was joining former First Minister Mr Salmond's new party when it was dramatically launched last Friday.

He had become a vocal critic of the SNP leadership in recent years and was disillusioned with Nicola Sturgeon's independence strategy.

Dad Jim said: "I will continue to serve both my party and my constituents in ward three.

"I am staying with the SNP at the moment.

"I completely support my son and it is completely his decision.

"I am very proud of Chris and everything he has achieved, as I am of all my four sons.

"As a parent I like to think that I have passed on the right values to my son and he is standing for what he thinks is right."

In the upcoming Scottish Parliament elections the Alba Party will be asking be local independence supporters to give the SNP their constituency vote and vote for Alba on the regional list.

Councillor Jim would not be drawn on how he will vote.

He said: "My vote is between me and the ballot box.

"My party is asking people to give the SNP both votes."