A HOLYROOD hopeful for Kilmacolm has accused the SNP of hypocrisy over by-election demands.

The nationalists have called for a poll for the Westminster seat in East Lothian after Kenny MacAskill MP defected to Alex Salmond's new party.

Johanna Baxter, Labour candidate for Renfrewshire North & West, says it's notable the SNP did not do likewise on her patch over the disgraced Derek Mackay.

She said: "It is remarkable the SNP didn’t insist on a by-election for this constituency when Derek Mackay was forced to resign his cabinet position and subsequently resigned from their party.

"This left the people of Kilmacolm and Langbank without a constituency MSP in the Scottish Parliament.

“If the people of East Lothian deserve a fresh choice, why didn’t the people of Renfrewshire North & West?"