A TEAM of scientists from a Port school are 'steaming ahead' after running a pioneering new eco-friendly project.

Pupils at Craigmarloch hosted an online science and technology 'Steam Team' event, working alongside the primary schools in the town.

Senior pupils organised it as part of British Science Week, linking up with St John's, St Francis', St Michael's and Newark as well as their own primary.

Science teacher Mary Griffin said: "We were working as a community, with our children leading the learning.

"It's been fabulous for them and their self-esteem and also for their technology skills."

The project had an environmental theme of reduce, reuse and recycle, relating to gardening.

Pictures of all the experiments and projects created throughout the week were posted online, creating a bank of achievements from all five schools.

Sixth year student Stephen McShane, who created a bird feeder out of recycled plastic bottles, recorded each step to create a video and presentation using green screen technology.

Criagmarloch science project

Criagmarloch science project

Criagmarloch science project

Criagmarloch science project

Meanwhile Aidan Murray of S4 demonstrated how to make seed paper using recycled egg boxes.

He was joined by other environmental science students Lyall McIntosh, Joshua Barrowman and Lauren Queen, who worked together on a waterwheel and water feature as part of their national qualification, while younger children took part in planting activities.

The initiative was run by Mary and technology teacher Jakki Loughlin and all of the pupils who took part will receive a certificate.

Each school involved will also receive a wooden mannequin with their school colours and a special crest which shows all five badges as well as the Port Glasgow coat of arms.

This will stand on a plinth designed by Mrs Loughlin and her tech team

Mary wants to thank B&Q Port Glasgow for supporting the project by donating £200 of equipment and the British Science Association for providing funding.