BARBERS and hairdressers are back in business as they open for the first time since Christmas.

A short back and sides was the cry from the chair at Harbour Barbers in Greenock as the in-demand team stood at the ready with hair-clippers.

Hairdressers are in the first wave of businesses allowed to reopen, along with garden centres, as the pandemic lockdown eases slowly.

Harbour Barbers owner Euan Morrison said: "We are excited to be back but also a little anxious, just to make sure it all goes well.

"I think we all just want to keep open this time round.

"We have been rushed off our feet so far and all our slots are completely wiped out.

"We made sure all our regulars were taken care of.

"It is actually the people we look forward to seeing the most.

"The last time we were opened was Christmas Eve and we have missed all our customers - coming to the barbers is a social event, a chance for a gab and a catch-up.

"We have all missed that, getting out and about.

"This time round we know what we have to do and what works."

Greenock man Paul McKernan wasted no time in getting his appointment booked.

The 49-year-old told the Tele: "Honestly, I couldn't get here quickly enough to get this hair sorted out at last.

"It has been a nightmare!

"I've been desperate to get something done with it."

The stay at home message has now changed, replaced by stay local, giving the go-ahead for some non-essential businesses to reopen.

Hairdressers and barbers were among those given the nod first.

It follows the phased return of schooling, and more restrictions are due to be lifted on April 26.